#iACast UnboxCast 24: Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Third Generation Echo Dot

On this episode, Aleeha, Michael, Scott, and Chelsea unbox the third generation Echo dot which has some amazing new features and a few drawbacks. Features The third generation Echo Dot has amazing sound for a small device. It is bigger than the original dots, but it has a brighter light ring. The buttons are also… Continue Reading #iACast UnboxCast 24: Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

#CSUNATC17 – Dot Incorporated Makes a Braille Smart Watch For The Blind.

Dot Watch with four Braille cells and orange crown

There were many companies showing products this year at the CSUN Assistive Technology conference this year, and one of those companies was Dot Incorporated. DOT makes a Braille smart watch that is similar to a standard braille display with four braille characters only to let someone tell time and much more. Features The Dot smart… Continue Reading #CSUNATC17 – Dot Incorporated Makes a Braille Smart Watch For The Blind.

#iACast 34 – iA DemoCast 2: The Braille Challenge

The Braille Challenge logo with letters B and C in white on a blue background over the Alexa Skills icon template.

Last year we released the Braille Challenge skill to the Alexa Skills Store. Join Michael as he demonstrates the use of this skill in this episode of the iA DemoCast. You can find the Braille challenge at the following link. The Braille Challenge – Alexa Skills Store