#iACast 139 – Past Innovations

iAccessibility Logo with year 2019 instead of iA

Show description On this episode, Aleeha, Jason, Leslie, Meaghan and Michael discuss some of the great technology released in the last decade. While talking about the Amazon Echo devices, the comical Echo Silver Video from Youtube came up and we thought we would share the link with you for your entertainment. Ad A new podcast… Continue Reading #iACast 139 – Past Innovations

#iACast 132 – Amazon Echo Announcements 2019

Echo Dot with Clock

Show Description On this episode, Michael and Jason discuss the wide range of new Alexa products announced at Amazon’s September 25th event. These include the Echo Studio, Echo Buds, Echo Frames, Echo Loop, and so much more. Ad Online SwiftUI Training Providing Feedback We love hearing from you, so feel free to send an email… Continue Reading #iACast 132 – Amazon Echo Announcements 2019

iA UnboxCast 39 – Amazon Echo Show (Second Generation)

Picture of Echo show with text showing Amazon services.

Show Description On this episode, Michael, Aleeha, and Leslie unbox the second generation Amazon Echo Show. Providing Feedback We love hearing from you. Feel free to send an email to [email protected], or follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. You can also find us on Reddit, and all around the web. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel, and… Continue Reading iA UnboxCast 39 – Amazon Echo Show (Second Generation)

#iACast UnboxCast 24: Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Third Generation Echo Dot

On this episode, Aleeha, Michael, Scott, and Chelsea unbox the third generation Echo dot which has some amazing new features and a few drawbacks. Features The third generation Echo Dot has amazing sound for a small device. It is bigger than the original dots, but it has a brighter light ring. The buttons are also… Continue Reading #iACast UnboxCast 24: Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

#iACast 35 – Hands Free Purchasing Power

Image of Amazon Tap on white background

Welcome to our latest episode of the iA Cast. This week we discuss the following topics. NVDA gets a big update to NVDA 2017.1rc1 NVDA 2017.1rc1 released ZoomText 11 released ZoomText site Roger app becomes Fika.io RogerTalk website Fika.io Replacements for Roger Google Allo WhatsApp Zello Hands free mode with the Amazon Tap announced Amazon… Continue Reading #iACast 35 – Hands Free Purchasing Power

#iACast 34 – iA DemoCast 2: The Braille Challenge

The Braille Challenge logo with letters B and C in white on a blue background over the Alexa Skills icon template.

Last year we released the Braille Challenge skill to the Alexa Skills Store. Join Michael as he demonstrates the use of this skill in this episode of the iA DemoCast. You can find the Braille challenge at the following link. The Braille Challenge – Alexa Skills Store

Google Home First impressions

Image of a Google Home

We are entering a market where the internet connected products that is controlled via voice is starting to get competitive. Up until now Amazon’s Echo has been the well-known product on the block. Now, in November 2016, Google Home is released. In this review, I hope to talk about how Google Home stacks up against… Continue Reading Google Home First impressions

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