#iACast 92 Mobile Automation

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On this episode of the #iACast, Aleeha, Michael, Matt and Jason discuss mobile automation. News of the Week Twitter makes a lot of changes to their APIs which went into effect August 16 along with a big protest called #deatiDay. Apple Music on Verizon free for 6 Months. Verizon launching 5G service for residential users… Continue Reading #iACast 92 Mobile Automation

#iACast 40 – Mobile OSWars: iOS VS Android

images of mobile devices iPhone vs Android

Welcome to the latest episode of the iA Cast. This week we talk about the differences between the two most popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android and we say which ones we prefer. Patreon iAccessibility has set up a new pattern account for our community to support our podcast each month. If you would… Continue Reading #iACast 40 – Mobile OSWars: iOS VS Android

#iACast 38 – Game On!

Game of Rocket League with AbleGamers Flag

For the longest time, games have not been accessible for blind and low vision users. Today, gamers have more choice in what games they play, and Michael Chad and Aleeha discuss their preferences in games on this episode of the iACast. During this podcast episode, we discuss progress made by AbleGamers and how other game… Continue Reading #iACast 38 – Game On!

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