#iACast 150 – Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Level up

Xbox Series X with black controller

Show Description On this episode, Michael and Jason discuss Apple’s new M1 Macs. Michael shows off his iPhone 12 Pro Max, prompting a discussion comparing the sound of the iPhone 12 line to the iPhone 11. Finally, they talk about the new Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Sony’s new Playstation 5. They also… Continue Reading #iACast 150 – Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Level up

#iACast 72 HR620 and Accessible Gaming

Xbox controller

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Aleeha Jason and Matt discuss House bill HR620, and the latest in accessible gaming. Here are some links to topics we discussed. H.R.620 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): ADA Education and Reform Act H. R. 620 National Federation of the Blind fact sheet. Turn on Narrator on Xbox… Continue Reading #iACast 72 HR620 and Accessible Gaming

#iACast 38 – Game On!

Game of Rocket League with AbleGamers Flag

For the longest time, games have not been accessible for blind and low vision users. Today, gamers have more choice in what games they play, and Michael Chad and Aleeha discuss their preferences in games on this episode of the iACast. During this podcast episode, we discuss progress made by AbleGamers and how other game… Continue Reading #iACast 38 – Game On!

#iACast 14: Wi-Pi

Raspberry Pi Logo

Episode notes ON this episode of iA Cast we discuss the latest Apple news, and we talk about the new version of the Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer that can fit in your pocket We discuss that Sony is bringing their streaming PlayStation game playing service to the Mac, and the latest in gaming news.… Continue Reading #iACast 14: Wi-Pi