Differences between iOS and Android App Development

Picture of Xcode app icon and the app icon for Android Studio

Becoming a developer for any platform requires a lot of time, dedication, and will, but sometimes it helps to have resources out there to just read and learn from. iOS and Android are two platforms that dominate the industry, so lets take a look at these platforms, and what it takes to develop for them.… Continue Reading Differences between iOS and Android App Development

#iACast 86 – Benefits of Code

iAccessibility App Development

This episode of the iACast is a combined episode with the iA CodeCast podcast where we discuss everything related to code. On this episode Michael, Aleeha, and Jason discuss how coding can be rewarding and an amazing career opportunity instead of it being a chore. News We start the show by talking about the new… Continue Reading #iACast 86 – Benefits of Code

UIAccessibilityTraits Roles for iOS developers

Image showing VoiceOver icon. icon is a grey gradient to white with a universal access symbol and a speaker with sound waves going to the right.

If you are an iOS developer then accessibility should be high on your list of priorities so that all users can utilize your app. Apple has added accessibility traits that are like Aria┬ároles to determine what each element in your app can do. Some of these traits may include Titles, Headers, buttons and more. One… Continue Reading UIAccessibilityTraits Roles for iOS developers