#iACast- 121 Apple Productivity Progress

Neon green apple logo cut out on dark background.

Show description On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Jason and Michael discuss more about WWDC and how Apple compares with its competitors in the market place.  They also consider what may need to be improved in the future.  Additionally, they debate the comparability of Mac Os and I-pad OS.   Picks Jason Alt Frequencies… Continue Reading #iACast- 121 Apple Productivity Progress

New Features in macOS 10.14 Mojave

macOS Mojave night background

MacOS 10.14 Mojave has been in the wild for quite some time, but we felt that it still bears discussion, as it comes with a few changes that will change how we view the Mac ecosystem. Features There are several features in macOS Mojave; however, only a few of these will be discussed. In this article,… Continue Reading New Features in macOS 10.14 Mojave

#iACast 83 – WWDC PreShow

WWDC 2018

On this episode of the #iACast, Allison, Jason, Aleeha, Scott and Michael discuss what we would like to see announced at Apple’s WWDC 2018. In the news, we discussed a critical T-Mobile bug that allowed hackers to hijack users’ accounts. Another hack we talked about was the ability for Comcast routers to be exposed so… Continue Reading #iACast 83 – WWDC PreShow

#iACast 70: Not A Very Smart Speaker

On this episode of the iA cast, Aleeha, Jason, and Michael talk about the following news topics. HomePod includes iTunes Match service You will not find Bluetooth Streaming support in the first version of the HomePod software. Articles and rumors state that Apple will delay features of iOS 12 to work on stability fixes. Apple… Continue Reading #iACast 70: Not A Very Smart Speaker

#iACast 68: CES 2018 and Combined Apple Apps

CES 2018

Welcome back to the latest episode of the iACast. We’ve been gone for a while, but here’s an episode sure to inform and entertain. This week, it’s all about the Consumer Electronics show, held in early January. We’re joined by hosts Michael, Aleeha, Jason, Matt, and, for her iAccessibility debut, Allison Hartley! Here’s some of… Continue Reading #iACast 68: CES 2018 and Combined Apple Apps

iA Democast 12: Twitterriffic 5 for Mac

Twitterriffic 5 icon

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Matt Dierckens demonstrates Twitterriffic 5 for Mac, which brings accessible Twitter features to macOS. Twitterrific 5 for Twitter on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

#iACast 42 OSWars Mac VS Windows VS Linux

A picture of the Windows Logo

Several weeks ago we published our last major podcast on the differences between iOS and Android as our first OSWars podcast. This time we compare the differences between MacOS, Windows and Linux and what everyone uses. Join Aleeha, Thomas, Michael, Matt, and Buddy Brannan as we debate what desktop OS works best. While all of… Continue Reading #iACast 42 OSWars Mac VS Windows VS Linux

Some of My Favorite #macOS Sierra Features

Image of the macOS Sierra App Store Icon, which is mountains and sky inside of a circle with a border.

Sierra has been out for awhile now, and while I haven’t had the chance to play with it as much as I would like, I have found some interesting new features and changes. If you’ve been following macOS Sierra news, or if you are using the new OS yourself, you’ll probably know about most of… Continue Reading Some of My Favorite #macOS Sierra Features

Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

Image with dark background with Apple Watch app icon with label in the center.

One of the neatest features added to WatchOS 3 and MacOS Sierra is the ability to unlock your Mac with your watch. Apple uses several new technologies to do this that use high encryption, and data speed measurements to determine if it is ok to unlock your Mac. The cool thing about this is that… Continue Reading Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

#iACast 14: Wi-Pi

Raspberry Pi Logo

Episode notes ON this episode of iA Cast we discuss the latest Apple news, and we talk about the new version of the Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer that can fit in your pocket We discuss that Sony is bringing their streaming PlayStation game playing service to the Mac, and the latest in gaming news.… Continue Reading #iACast 14: Wi-Pi

Speculation: Penciling in OS X?

Image of Apple Pencil being used with iPad Pro on flat surface

Many writers at iMore have stated that Mac OS X is not designed to be a touch based operating system. This is because the programs are not built to work with a touch interface, but what if a team were to build apps for iOS that did the same as Mac OS X but for… Continue Reading Speculation: Penciling in OS X?

Learning Xcode with VoiceOver

Screenshot of XCode

Are you a blind or low vision user of the Mac and want to know if you can use Xcode to build apps for iOS or for the Mac? Alex Hall over at AppleVis has written a great guide to show new readers how to use Xcode with Apple’s screen reader VoiceOver.

A VoiceOver User’s Guide to Xcode

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