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One of the best features that has been added to iOS 9 is the ability to access your saved files and folders in iCloud Drive, and you can even enable an app that lets you simply view and open your files. Here is how to enable this app. Once enabled, […]

Quick Tip: Enable the iCloud Drive App in iOS 9

Is there a lot of space being taken up on your iPhone, but you don’t know where it is going? It is probably because Apple Music is storing the songs you listen to for future listening. This can however, keep you from downloading certain files to your phone, and will […]

Quick Tip: Clear up space on iPhone taken up by ...

It is well known that zoom users use the mouse to navigate the Mac, but what if you did not want to use the mouse and were primarily a keyboard user. How would you move the zoomed region of the screen? Moving the zoom region is very simple with the […]

Quick Tip: Zooming without the mouse?

Having trouble hearing something VoiceOver says and just want to paste it as text to navigate and work with the way you want to? Here is how. Steps to copy last spoken VoiceOver text to clipboard Find the information you would like to be copied.  take 3 fingers and tap […]

Quick Tip: Copy the last thing VoiceOver reads to the ...

New feature added with IOS 8 that many people still don’t know about is extensions. With extensions, you can extend the power of your iPhone iPad or even Mac. Here’s how to enable them in IOS. You must first install apps like Tumblr and Pinterest that contain extensions from the […]

Quick Tip: Enabling Extensions in iOS 8

Have you ever used a level to see if an object is perfectly level? Did you know you can do the same with your iPhone? From your iPhone Home screen, open the compass app and you’ll notice 2 dots at the bottom. If VoiceOver is, on flick to th left […]

Quick tip: use your iPhone as a level

Have you ever wanted to find anything on your iOS device? There is a simple way to search for anything on your device and beyond. With VoiceOver Make sure you are at your home screen Tap an icon on your home screen Swipe down with three fingers to bring down […]

Quick tip: Spotlight Search