#iACast 113 – CSUN

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Show Description On this episode of the iACast, Michael, Aleeha, Jeff, and Jason discuss their experience and findings from the CSUN 2019 conference. Also discussed are the tactile street maps from LightHouse for the Blind in San Francisco California. Please note that this show was recorded before the cancellation of AirPower. News Apple quietly releases… Continue Reading #iACast 113 – CSUN

#iACast 112 – #CSUNATC19 Advice and Q&A

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Show Description On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Jeff, Jason, Sarah, and Shelly discuss goals and expectations for attending the CSUN Assistive Technology 2019 Conference (meeting in Anaheim California). Sarah and Jason are unable to attend CSUN, and this year will be Aleeha’s first conference; so as veteran CSUN attendees, Jeff, Michael, and shelly… Continue Reading #iACast 112 – #CSUNATC19 Advice and Q&A

#iACast 76 #CSUNATC2018 Conference Wrap Up

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In this episode of the iA Cast, Michael Jeff Bishop, Aleeha Dudley, Scott Van Gorp, Jason Earls, Chelsea Page, and Allison Hartley discuss what was covered at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference for 2018. Michael and Jeff discuss items that they found interesting at the exhibit hall. Microsoft had all of their technology at their… Continue Reading #iACast 76 #CSUNATC2018 Conference Wrap Up

#iACast 35 – Hands Free Purchasing Power

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Welcome to our latest episode of the iA Cast. This week we discuss the following topics. NVDA gets a big update to NVDA 2017.1rc1 NVDA 2017.1rc1 released ZoomText 11 released ZoomText site Roger app becomes Fika.io RogerTalk website Fika.io Replacements for Roger Google Allo WhatsApp Zello Hands free mode with the Amazon Tap announced Amazon… Continue Reading #iACast 35 – Hands Free Purchasing Power