#Top10 Posts of 2016!

iAccessibility saw tremendous growth in 2016, when compared to previous years. For this, we would like to thank you all for reading our articles, sharing our posts, listening to our podcasts, and following us on social media. To celebrate, we would like to share with you the posts that received the most traffic in 2016! That’s right, here are your favorite articles.

Note: This list is in reverse order, with the most popular post appearing last on the list.

  1. Product Review: Apple AirPods, written by Jessica Smith
  2. Zooming in on the Touch Bar, written by Jessica Smith
  3. This iPhone 7 Plus Feels so Accessible, written by Jessica Smith
  4. VoiceOver at the Bar, written by Michael Doise and Jessica Smith
  5. Organizing Apps in iOS 10 With VoiceOver, written by Rich Cavallaro
  6. A Guide to iMessage in iOS 10, written by Jessica Smith
  7. The Magic Tap isn’t so Magical, written by Michael Doise
  8. New VoiceOver Features in iOS 10, written by Jessica Smith
  9. These Mail Changes in iOS 10 will Make You Happy, written by Ashley Coleman
  10. The iOS 10 Feature No One is Talking About, written by Jessica Smith

There you have it – the most popular posts, as chosen by you, our readers! What do you think? Is this list accurate, or do you have a favorite that did not appear on this list? Let us know! And once again, thank you all for your support! We look forward to bringing you more content throughout 2017 and beyond!

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#iACast 23 – Hello Again

Thank you for checking out #IACast, episode 23! In this episode, we discuss the following:

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Quick Tip: Disable iMessage Image Search in #iOS10

In hopes of making conversations more interactive and personal, Apple added many new features to iMessage in iOS 10. One such feature, the ability to search for images, may not be suitable for all users. Although Apple constantly filters results, there is a chance that inappropriate images may come up in a search. So, how does a parent, for example, protect their children from such images? It turns out that the process of disabling this feature is not complicated at all; we will show you how below.

Note: Although this guide refers to disabling Image Search, it also applies to enabling or disabling any iMessage app.

To disable iMessage Image Search:

  1. In the Messages app, tap on a conversation thread.
  2. If the keyboard is shown, tap the “Show More” button directly to the left of the edit field.
  3. Tap the “Messaging Apps” button directly to the left of the edit field.
  4. If it is not already shown, tap the “App Browser” button in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  5. Tap the “Store” button.
  6. There will be three tabs across the top of your screen. Tap the third one, which is “Manage.”
  7. Tap the switch next to “#images” to toggle it off.
  8. Tap “Done” in the top right of your screen to return to the app browser.

That’s it! We hope this tip helps give you some peace of mind when using iMessage in iOS 10, or if nothing else, to declutter your iMessage app browser. Enjoy!